ICO (Live) | est. 1 BETOP = $10

               BetOpen ICO 

                 Est. 1 BETOP = 10$

             Current Bonus : 15%

Within few month since launch the platform has attracted huge user         interest with placements of 2500+ bets for a $1000000+

                        Invest Now and get company share of profits!

Additional bonuses available for 1+, 5+, 10+ and 25+ BTC equivalent investements and referring other investors

     Accepting: BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH, ZCASH, DOGE


Investement options



To invest via altcoins, simply send funds to one of the following addresses with betopen username attached in the transaction message.

ETHEREUM : 0x024Ec4ECB38ECDb759422d8B5690B6442c5ee872
ETHEREUM CLASSIC : 0x7e419D58fa85C8E6DC12DF311c2B8CdffA17b28b
DASH : XuFszRAxnswmJ4M5wpWVu9GzrWWDPeZZ7k
ZCASH : t1L9ECk2PCos83Gr6JnyZ2Xx3tfQYHR36i8
DOGE : DR5XLf89rzefHGWqgFrJtJTadb63kff4Fy


After completing the transaction, send TX and address to receive token on [email protected]

BETOP token price depends on the amount of total investements at the end of the token sale, all tokens will be distributed within 10 days after the ICO finish.


In total there will be 100 000 tokens available, which gives investors unique opportunity to hold rare token with price increasing over time and receive corresponding profit share.

With help of the attracted investments, full commitment and active promotional activities company is focused to get ~10-20% bitcoin sports betting market share and thousands of BTC equivalent wagered within 1 year and become top 3 bitcoin sports betting platform within 2-3 years.

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